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With EMS get even more success in your favourite sport

More power, less risk of injury: In these sports, you benefit from EMS training.

  • 1. For professional or amateur athletes

    Effective, holistic and time-saving: EMS is a total body workout with amazing results and noticeable success. Professional athletes have known and appreciated the method for a long time. But amateur athletes can also benefit from Bodystreet EMS workout as part of their training regime.

  • 2. Football: fit for 90 in 20 minutes

    There are not many other sports that demand as much of the body as Football. The risk of injury is high; knee injuries are not uncommon. Football-specific EMS training strengthens the thigh muscles in just 20 minutes per week and stabilizes the knee joint. The back and abdominal muscles are also trained, muscular imbalances are corrected which leads to better balance and improved speed.

  • 3. Jogging: EMS clears the way!

    The calf and thigh muscles come under a lot of stress when jogging. With Bodystreet electric muscle stimulation (EMS), this imbalance can be eliminated quickly. The whole body is trained, even low-lying or neglected jogging muscles are worked. EMS provides the way for new peak performances.

  • 4. Skiing: The mountain calls: EMS!

    The right technique is not everything when skiing. Gliding down the hillside requires strength, flexibility and strong back and leg muscles. Through Bodystreet's workout; entire body is trained and prepared for the special stresses of skiing.

  • 5. Cycling: Improved balance; thanks to EMS

    Anyone who spends a long time on the bike knows that not only do they need strong buttock muscles but, also leg power. The muscles required for cycling are training specifically by EMS. In addition, training can restore stability and balance in the body, reducing the risk of injury. If you need to keep your balance, EMS is just right for you.

  • 6. Golfing: swinging game without pain

    As well as a good technique and a steady hand, golfers need a strong torso and back muscles, so that the ball flies far from the tee. Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) targeted training means even the annoying stresses and strains experience in the shoulders and in the hip are reduced.

  • 7. Tennis: Advantage EMS

    The ligaments and tendons in the legs are particularly prone to injury in tennis. One wrong step and the game is over. Even without a racket in your hand there’s a lot to be achieved. With the EMS method, the body muscles are built specifically. Strong leg muscles enhance fast sprints and jumps needed in tennis. Ligaments and joints are spared – but not your opponent

  • 8. Climbing: class instead of mass

    A climber does not want to be a bodybuilder. Mass is not the desired result. This is the strength of EMS. Climbers can, with Bodystreet specifically train the upper body, back and abdominal muscles - that are so important in their sport. The Bodystreet workout has an added benefit; the muscles neglected during climbing or bouldering are stimulated, body balance is restored and performance is noticeably increased.

  • 9. Triathlon: Becoming Iron Man with EMS

    Studies show that with the correct strength training, performance can be noticeably improved even in an endurance sport such as triathlon. If you do not want to waste too much time, try the effective EMS method. In just 20 minutes a week, even less worked muscles are activated via EMS impulses which, noticeably increases performance.

  • 10. Yoga: For body and mind

    Yoga exercises are very complex. They always respond to multiple muscle groups and ensure that the muscles are gently but consistently stretched. With targeted, controlled EMS workouts; this effect can be amplified and, also stimulate deeper muscles. Yoga and EMS complement each other well and help to balance the body and mind.