Fitness and Sport

Want to burn a few more calories each day? Try these tricks

You do not have much time but, you still want to do something for your body?

  • 1. Get up more often in the office

    If you have a desk job, you tend to spend your seven to eight hours a day in a vertical position with your legs bent. Getting up often keeps the circulation flowing and burns calories. Even if just fill up a glass of water (drinking water is important anyway), go and speak to colleagues instead of calling on the phone, take a walk during lunch break instead of eating at your desk.

  • 2. Do short exercises at the desk

    ‘Chained to the desk’? There are still things you can do to improve your figure. For the abdomen: tense abdominal muscles tight for ten seconds, let them relax again - and repeat them as often as feels good for them. In an unobserved minute, legs can also be exercised: rest with your hands on the chair, press your knees together and pull your legs diagonally upwards with your tummy tight.

  • 3. Activities that take little time

    If you do not have much time left after finishing work, but want to something consider short workout sessions. For example, do a quick jog, do a short Youtube workout - or try a Bodystreet workout. Just one 20 minutes EMS training per week and burn calories similar to those burnt in three or four gym sessions.

  • 4. Drink a lot of water

    Not only does water contain no calories - it also burns energy. According to physician Dr. Michael Boschmann (Charité in Berlin) drinking half a litre of water burns around 50 kilocalories – the water does not even have to be particularly cold, as is often assumed. Best is still water at room temperature.

  • 5. Drink green tea

    In addition to drinking water, green tea is perfect for burning extra calories: The caffeine it contains stimulates the metabolism and digestion. But, you should make be aware of how you react to the caffeine you consume.

  • 6. Stairs instead of elevator or escalator, bike instead of bus or car.

    Of course, the alternative would be more convenient; but instead take the stairs or sometimes go to work on a bike. This burns calories, trains your leg muscles. Eventually it will become a habit to take the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator.

  • 7. On public transport; stand instead of sitting

    Instead of sitting on the way to work on the subway, bus or tram; take the opportunity to consume a few extra calories. Sitting consumes around 30 calories per half hour however, standing consumes twice as much. If your legs get heavy, you can increase the flow of blood by gently swinging your legs backwards.

  • 8. Clean up

    Clear house, clear mind - it's worth spending a few minutes after work on things like vacuuming, washing clothes or taking out the rubbish. Half an hour of housework burns around 100 calories.

  • 9. Go shopping on foot

    No one expects you to carry the heavy items for miles - but leave the car whenever you can and make small purchases on foot. Heavier items, of course, have the "benefits": they train your arm muscles.

  • 10. Cook yourself

    Have you ever split a pumpkin or tenderised a beef steak? Cooking can be really exhausting. Cooking, and preparing to cook, is not just better for your diet but, helps burn extra calories