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Bodystreet reveals Persona survey 

Whilst many may have taken the decision to hold off investment during lockdown this hasn’t been the case with Bodystreet.  Determined to come out of the pandemic in better shape, Bodystreet has been working on a host of initiatives to improve business support for franchisees. One such example is the work the marketing team have undertaken at global head office in Munich to better identify who our key clients are.

 “With the increase in the importance of digital marketing it’s become vital for businesses to understand the make up (personas) of customers and how they become customers in the first place. It’s just as true for us. ” explained Mark Holland of Bodystreet here in the U.K.  “Previously we’d relied on two core messages and the idea of single customer journey when it came to marketing. And whilst this was appropriate for a time; things have changed and even more so during lockdown.”  

The team at global head office were able to identify six different personas and two key customer journeys. This knowledge is now being used to form the new marketing strategy and the messaging as well as the types of media to help franchisees engage with new potential members. “We’ve had a simple goal with this research. How can we improve our franchisees’ lead generation and conversion to customers.” Holland added. 

As we plan our strategy, coming out of lockdown, we are very optimistic. There has never been a time that I can recall that being fit and healthy was so front of mind. Bodystreet, with our super hygienic offering, highly efficient and effective workout, is placed front and centre to benefit from the post lockdown demand that will surely come as things ease and open up. With our improved understanding of the different personas, customer journey and messaging – this will all help our franchisees make the most of the opportunity that lies ahead.  

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