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Bodystreet research highlights personas

Bodystreet reveals Persona survey 

Whilst many may have taken the decision to hold off investment during lockdown this hasn’t been the case with Bodystreet.  Determined to come out of the pandemic in better shape, Bodystreet has been working on a host of initiatives to improve business support for franchisees. One such example is the work the marketing team have undertaken at global head office in Munich to better identify who our key clients are.

 “With the increase in the importance of digital marketing it’s become vital for businesses to understand the make up (personas) of customers and how they become customers in the first place. It’s just as true for us. ” explained Mark Holland of Bodystreet here in the U.K.  “Previously we’d relied on two core messages and the idea of single customer journey when it came to marketing. And whilst this was appropriate for a time; things have changed and even more so during lockdown.”  

The team at global head office were able to identify six different personas and two key customer journeys. This knowledge is now being used to form the new marketing strategy and the messaging as well as the types of media to help franchisees engage with new potential members. “We’ve had a simple goal with this research. How can we improve our franchisees’ lead generation and conversion to customers.” Holland added. 

As we plan our strategy, coming out of lockdown, we are very optimistic. There has never been a time that I can recall that being fit and healthy was so front of mind. Bodystreet, with our super hygienic offering, highly efficient and effective workout, is placed front and centre to benefit from the post lockdown demand that will surely come as things ease and open up. With our improved understanding of the different personas, customer journey and messaging – this will all help our franchisees make the most of the opportunity that lies ahead.  

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Bodystreet – the support behind the brand

A franchise is only as good as the support offered by the franchisor. Want to see what what supports our support at Bodystreet? Take a look at the video just to see the investment Bodystreet makes into supporting our franchisees. Just click the image to watch our Head Office video.

Best Fitness Franchise 2020

February 7th 2020 marked another great date for Bodystreet with the recognition by the Franchising Industry of the quality of the franchise offered by Bodystreet. Global Franchise awarded Bodystreet Best Fitness Franchise 2020. The award, which celebrates the brands that are working hardest to advance the cause of franchising, was judged by a panel franchising experts from across the global included the BFA’s CEO Pip Wilkins.  
Mark Holland, UK Master Franchisee said ’the award further confirms the standards that our franchise model operates at. In the past few years Bodystreet has been awarded Franchisor of the Year in Germany, BFA membership, Elite Franchise Top 100 Franchisor and now Global Franchise Best Fitness Franchise. It’s great recognition for all the team here in the UK and across the global.  

Mental Health Awareness Week

Bodystreet help celebrate National Apprenticeship week

Bodystreet, as a fully committed employer of apprentices, were invited to attend a reception at the Houses of Parliament to celebrate National Apprenticeship week. As well as learning more about the Government’s drive to improve the image of apprenticeships we got to meet the apprentice of the year. Within Bodystreet more than 50% of the team are on an apprenticeship. Not only does Bodystreet offer get industry relevant training for the fitness industry, via YMCA Fit, we also offer our team the opportunity to gain a degree through this programme – learning while earning so to speak.

This is how we celebrate success!

Bodystreet Franchisees and their teams came together at the end of January to celebrate 2018’s successes in Phantasialand in Cologne Germany. A truly exceptional celebration was enjoyed by all with the UK having two nominations for Franchisee Awards (Milton Keynes and Worthing).

Click the image to see what a great Kick Off looks like.

What’s a Bodystreet workout like?

Want to know what a Bodystreet workout is like? Click the image to learn more.Want to try for yourself an amazing Bodystreet trial? Click TRIAL

Bodystreet proud to be recognised a as Top 100 Franchise

Bodystreet are proud to be announced as finalists in the 2019 Elite Franchise Top 100 franchisors. “It’s a very exciting time for us at Bodystreet and this award is recognition of our team, Franchisees and Support Personnel, and the hard work they have done this  year”. We hope to announce our actual position shortly – but even 100 will be great!

What Franchisees say about Bodystreet

Want to know what our franchisees think of the launch support they get? Click on the image about to read the latest article in Elite Franchise.

Bodystreet article in Business Franchise


Asked about ‘giving back’ Bodystreet offered up the following advice which was published in Business Franchise.